The Hobe Sound Animal Protection League (HSAPL) operates both indoor and outdoor catteries at Caring Fields, where rescued, homeless and feral cats are re-socialized and given the care they need before being re-homed. All animals that come to HSAPL that cannot be adopted for medical or other reasons receive care for the rest of their lives.

HSAPL was founded in 2000 when it was discovered that the feral cat population was getting out of control in Hobe Sound, Florida and surrounding communities. HSAPL introduced a trap-neuter release program, which led to a reduction in the size of feral cat colonies. Three years later, HSAPL opened a cattery on the property now known as the Caring Fields.

Today, HSAPL operates three distinct facilities within Caring Fields for homeless cats.

Indoor cat enclosures with screened-in porch:
The first facility to be constructed at Caring Fields consists of three large enclosures inside a pre-existing Photo of indoor cat enclosure 35 x 40-foot garage. Each enclosure contains about a dozen cats, which have access to furnishings intended to replicate a future adopter's home. Each enclosure also has cat-size openings to an attached 40 X 25-foot screened-in porch, which is also divided into sections for each group of cats.

  Kitty Cat Campground:
The Kitty Cat Campground is designed for cats that have lived outside all of their lives. The original campground covers a 50 X 40-foot area Photo of Kitty Campgroundand includes a 3-story structure with hiding spots and porches that provides open-air shelter from the sun and rain. The campground also offers an enclosed winter shelter with cat doors and a glass roof for solar heating. Since it was first built, the Kitty Cat Campground has been expanded to more than twice its original size. It now includes a quarantine area for sick cats, a caretaker shed, and housing for many more cats.

Cat Condos:
Photo of Cat CondoThe newest addition to HSAPL’s cat housing at Caring Fields are the Cat Condos. Three colorfully painted buildings each feature their own yards for their feline residents. 

Since HSAPL began, more than 600 feral cats have been spayed or neutered. HSAPL has also found homes for more than 400 cats.

Click here to visit the Hobe Sound Animal Protection League website. 

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